The Club dates back to the early days of the 1920s when Herald Island was known as Pine Island, a popular harbour cruise and picnic destination, this was before to the causeway was built.

At that time it was a very active sailing and boating club, but it went into decline and was dormant for a several years.

A number of like minded boaties, from the now Herald Island, sailing an assortment of keel yachts, together with a number of motor boat skippers, regenerated the Club with socialising, family fun, and competition being the main aims,
As interest grew the members, with blood sweat and tears, built a small boat jetty complex next to the original HeraldIsland wharf with a proposed club room to be built on the wharf proper.

Unfortunately the original adjoining wharf was burnt down, the destruction being total. The club set aside the building of a club room to underwrite the reconstruction of the destroyed wharf using club members as labour.

On completion the new wharf was handed over to the Herald Island residents and a community trust was formed.
At the present time the club has a fleet of keel yachts ranging from 20ft to 38ft, of different styles and years, challenging the waters of the upper harbour, and averaging around six to eight boats, or more, a race. Making an interesting
exercise for our handicapper.

The motor boat member numbers have declined over the years, but the ones we have are alive and very active.

Included are a couple of photos, one of the old wharf that burnt down, some of the club boats in action, and our members at a family Xmas dinner and prize giving.


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